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Founder's Day - 2011
80th Anniversary

2010-11 Theme

Ritual Table

Opening Ritual

Sisters in Beta Sigma Phi, we pledge ourselves anew to the aims and purposes of our glorious sisterhood; more tolerance for our fellow beings through a better understanding of them, a clearer and deeper appreciation of the cultural and finer things of life for ourselves; and a determination to give the best that is in us to our sorority and to assist in any and every way to shed the light of our torch throughout the world.
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Founder's Day Pledge

Tonight, on the 80th anniversary of its founding
we as members of Beta Sigma Phi
do solemnly pledge ourselves
to uphold the honor and the aims of our glorious sisterhood.

We salute the courage and the foresight of our Founder
we remember with affection and gratitude our first members
who by their vision, first made a reality of this ideal
and all those thousands of members since
who have followed the light of learning symbolized by our Torch
and who through their lives have exemplified
that the only right we have, is the right to be useful.

Tonight, as we go forward together
into another year, we renew our vows and our pledge
to give the best that is in us,
to advance further in greater understanding
of the Good, the True, and the Beautiful.
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Message from International

Note: This is a separate page so those who prefer to be informed of the message and new theme at a later event can do so.

Closing Ritual

Eternal Father, Shepherd of the Stars, guide us that we may follow only the Good, only the True, only the Beautiful. Hold aloft to us the guiding torch of wisdom and help us to push on undaunted toward its light. Illume our souls with Thy wisdom that we in turn may light the way for those who follow us. If the road we take seem obscured in dust, give us the skill and grace to pave it with stars, to transmute the dust into stardust. Grant us such clearness of vision, such sweetness of spirit, such earnestness of purpose that we may follow the torch to our goal.

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